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Joey's Recent News
Joey's song that he wrote for his late sister Rose," Forever We'll Love You",  was released Worldwide in 2015 receiving an overwhelming response charting at 29 and rising on the European and North American Independent Music charts,. The song and clip which is a dedication to his late sister Rose, who passed away with breast cancer at the age of 39 years in 2007, is connecting with many people all over the world. It features on his CD Musica D' Amore.

The debut 'Music of the Night' CD is coming in 2024 !

The wonderful MUSIC OF THE NIGHT is coming on CD in 2024, with all the exciting music from the show, currently in the studio recording, more news soon!

In other recent news........

Joey's Father, Roy Fimmano, passed away in May 2023. 🌹🌹

Roy Fimmano, Joey and Accordion teacher Frank Morelli 

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